Tori Spelling Shares Photo of Dean McDermott and Son Snuggling

Tori Spelling is bragging on the men in her life. The actress and reality star shared a photo of husband Dean McDermott snuggling with their 10-month-old son Beau Dean — while both got some shut-eye.

On Instagram, Spelling shared how Beau is almost back to sleeping through the night in his own room, writing that she and McDermott are "so proud" of him.

"Baby Beau has done amazing with his sleep training. He has been in his own room, own crib, and only waking up one time a night for a little bottle for the past 4 nights. We are so proud of him," Spelling wrote in the caption of the photo.

"Just captured this picture of my hubby and babe snuggled on this lazy Sunday morning. So beautiful to see them together. A picture like this makes a wife and moms [heart] swoon," she added.

Spelling has been open about how Beau has had trouble sleeping through the night and shared that the parents co-sleep with Beau in order to help him sleep.

"He has sleep regression,where he was sleeping through the night and now he's not. He's up like three times a night," Spelling told PEOPLE in December. "We're both so sleep deprived, he sleeps in the middle of us and Dean's like, 'Oh my gosh, I think we would not have had this many kids if they had all slept in the bed.' "

Spelling said that even though McDermott is not a fan of co-sleeping, she said because Beau is the "last one" that the parents of five have been spoiling him.

"He was always adamant so with this last one I was like, 'He's coming in bed!' " she said. "He is the last one so he's getting the baby treatment."

While many of Spelling's Instagram followers oohed and aahed over the sweet photo, some weren't impressed with Spelling's co-sleeping technique, alluding that it was dangerous and "confusing."

"Glad you did this but wished you would have sooner. Many accidental deaths per year due to co-sleeping," one person wrote.

"Why is he sleeping with Daddy when sleep training? I'm sure he's as confused as I am," another said.

"I'm sorry Tori, as someone that does not agree with sleep training, if you are choosing that way , wouldn't you think it confusing that you then let your child back in your bed to sleep ( even though I believe they should be there the whole time )?"

Spelling told PEOPLE that baby Beau represents a shift in her and McDermott's "rebuilt" relationship.

"I feel like Beau is really the pillar of the rebirth of our relationship because our relationship had to crumble for it to be rebuilt and it was really important that we just start it over," she said. "I think Beau is a symbol of that because he's the first baby out of all five that we're raising in a communicative way."


The 90210 actress explained that while she and McDermott didn't have to put much work into their marriage at first, she later realized that a lasting relationship takes effort.

"I look back and I remember doing interviews probably seven years ago … I was like, 'It's easy, we don't have to work at it. We have this great marriage,' " she recalled. "Eleven years later, I'm like, 'It's a lot of work.' It takes work and I took that for granted — I think we both did. We thought, 'Oh, our relationship just works,' and the truth is, no relationship just works."