Tommy Lee Slams Howard Stern After Shock Jock Claims Singer Is to Blame for Heather Locklear's Troubles

Tommy Lee is slamming Howard Stern after the shock jock claimed that the rocker is to blame for Heather Locklear's troubles.

According to the Daily Mail, following the actress' most recent assault charge arrest, Stern said that being married to both Lee and Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora must have "driven Locklear crazy."

Tommy Lee fired back, calling Stern the "Queen of Media," an attempt at insulting him by referencing his title a the "King of Media."

"How dare you blame me for Heathers recent troubles! That was like 24 years ago you idiot," Lee added, then including a hashtag for "cowardsterntimewarp."

"You should be wishing her well and not bashing me —head!!! Wtf is wrong with you? I normally don’t respond to this stuff," Lee finally said, calling Sterns comments "f—ing BS."

A number of Twitter users took to commenting on Lee's post, with some of them wondering if maybe he took Stern's comments out of context.

"Did you actually hear the show yourself? Or are you relying on third party information?" one person inquired. "Listen to actual [Stern Show episode] before tweeting. Let’s learn from others."

Other followers were more focused on Locklear's struggles, encouraging Lee and everyone else involved to set their sights on helping her rather than fighting amongst themselves.


"Everybody needs to save the drama for when she's completely sane & sober. That woman needs help NOW & I think the support of all her exes,friends & fans wouldn't hurt," a Twitter user chided. "After all, y'all know her better than we do."

As was previously mentioned, Locklear was recently arrested for the second time this year for assaulting a police officer, as well as an EMT. She is currently said to have been hospitalized after a possible overdose. Her condition is reportedly stable.