Tom Selleck Controversy Sparks Perfect Reaction From 'Reno 911!' Star

If you've wandered onto Twitter lately, you might have seen that Blue Bloods star Tom Selleck is involved in a bizarre controversy after a tweet concerning him went viral. While the controversy appeared to be mostly a case of misinformation, that hasn't stopped some from weighing in on it. Reno 911! star Thomas Lennon has even weighed in with a pretty hilarious take on the situation. 

The whole Selleck controversy was dominating social media recently. As for where it all began, it seemingly started when a C.S. Lewis fan account posted a link to an article on Belief Net regarding the actor's faith. In the article, Selleck was quoted as saying that he owed all of his success to Jesus Christ. Things soon took a turn when fans started weighing in on the tweet. The controversy took on another life when some brought up Selleck's appearances in advertisements for reverse mortgage loans. One individual tweeted, "WWJD? Certainly NOT scam elderly folks out of their mortgage money."

Even though the controversy did not have to do with the actor's religion, many simply ran with the narrative on social media. In light of the controversy, it appears that some have shared worries that Selleck could be "canceled." Reno 911! star Lennon mentioned the "canceling" concerns in his tweet. Although, he did share a humourous message about the whole sticky situation. He wrote that "if Tom Selleck gets cancelled today," Lennon will be the true mustache star of Hollywood. The actor added, "THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE." 

Considering that the viral tweet concerned Selleck's religion, it's easy to understand how things quickly devolved into a heated, political discussion. Many high-profile conservative personalities quickly took to Twitter to weigh in on the matter in order to defend Selleck. Controversial figure Ann Coulter wrote, alongside the Belief Net article, "THIS is why liberals are hating on Tom Selleck today." It should be noted that this issue didn't concern Selleck's religion. Instead, the criticism dealt with the Blue Bloods star's connection to reverse mortgage loans and it did not appear to be a partisan matter. As of right now, Selleck has not yet responded to the viral nature of the controversy surrounding him.