'Today' Show Fans Can't Stop Commenting on Hoda Kotb's Recent Instagram Post for a Big Reason

Today show host Hoda Kotb frequently posts inspirational quotes to her Instagram page, but one of her most recent ones has had fans and followers commenting nearly non-stop. In the post, Kotb shared a quote that reads "Girls that don't ask for much, deserve everything." The post soon began getting many comments, as some followers were encouraged by the words, but others had a hard time understanding the meaning behind them.

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"We all deserve everything based on our worth as humans! And it can be helpful to use our voice to ask, give, laugh, cry, love, etc. As I've been encouraged not to ask for things as a woman, it has led me to de-value myself and not show up authentically in relationships," one fan commented on the post. "Thank you Hoda for all that you do. And for listening to my comment!"

"Girls that know what they want {deserve} and are not afraid to ask for it deserve everything," another user exclaimed. "I've grown up in a society that has preached that as a girl/woman, I need to be my own best advocate and ask for what I want or need or deserve — otherwise I will never get it and I will watch others reap the benefits of my hard work."

"I teach girls and women to advocate for what they want. I was raised this way so I get it but you can't get what you don't ask for, and you can ask with elegance," someone else wrote back, "Love you and your book!"

"All girls should learn the skill of communicating and proudly asking for and expecting everything they DO deserve," one other follower offered. "#ChannelYourInnerLizzo."


"I don't like this quote. It implies girls that are strong enough to ask for things don't deserve everything and well that's just ridiculous and old culture that we are trying to change," a fifth user added. "Girls that don't ask for things turn into women who don't get equal pay or have all the home responsibilities or the list could go on."

"I think it's ok to ask for anything and everything! Speak up!! Show up! Work hard," a final fan said. "We've been quiet and invisible too long! I'm tired of being the good girl!! Who else... thinks not asking is getting you everything?"