Tim Allen's 2013 Interview About Using the N-Word Resurfaces to Social Media Backlash

Tim Allen's comments in an old interview are coming back to bite him.

The Last Man Standing star is the subject of newfound online criticism after comments he made in a 2013 interview with the Tampa Bay Times resurfaced, specifically his opinion that he should be able to say the N-word as much as he likes.

"If I have no intent, if I show no intent, if I clearly am not a racist, then how can 'n—' be bad coming out of my mouth?" Allen asked.

The comic, who claimed to use the word regularly in his standup at the time, added that "[the phrase] 'the N-word' is worse to me than n—."

The comments resurfaced online Thursday bringing a wave of new backlash against the actors for his comments.

"Redefining ‘Tool Time’ yet again," one user wrote, including a link to a Guardian story on Allen's controversial statements.

"Randy Newman: You’ve got a friend in me! Sheriff Woody: There’s a snake in my boot!
Buzz Lightyear: N—er," another user wrote.

"You'd think a comedian who built his entire life around how big he could make his lawnmower would have a more nuanced take on race," a third wrote, referencing his classic Home Improvement role.

At the time, the comments were met with criticism from black commentators, including author and radio host Michael Eric Dyson who told MSNBC: "He wants to move from ally to re-assume the appropriate privilege of whiteness, which is to dictate the terms of the debate."

"Look, y'all (white people) invented the N-word. We (black people) didn't invent it. We just co-opted it. We hijacked it. We did a carjacking on that word a few decades ago, and now you're mad because we’ve made more sexy use of it - some denigration as well.

"Hot take, Timmy! But it is a good opportunity to repeat a great line from ⁦@AndyKindler⁩ 'i'd be more impressed if Tim Allen made somebody laugh ON THE WAY TO THE BANK!" another Twitter user wrote Thursday afternon.


"There's a certain type of person who can't keep a respectful distance, can't privately not understand - they have to dominate and wrest ownership of the thing away from you. They must redefine your oppression as it suits them. May I present Tim Allen," Another user wrote.

"Sure. As long as we get to demand where and around whom he gets to use it. Should make for a pretty short set," a third user commented.