Tiffany Haddish Tears up on Set After Learning She Won a Grammy in Touching Moment

Tiffany Haddish made history on Sunday by winning her first Grammy Award. Since Best Comedy Album [...]

Tiffany Haddish made history on Sunday by winning her first Grammy Award. Since Best Comedy Album was not announced during the Grammys broadcast, Haddish found out about her victory in the sweetest way possible. She was busy filming a new episode of CBS' Kids Say the Darndest Things when the producers stopped her to share the news.

Haddish was filming a segment with two young girls, Ava and Lauren, in which they discussed if they would be happy just to be nominated for an award or if they had to win. Producers were guiding Haddish along behind the scenes, reminding her that she was nominated for two Grammys herself. Then, one of the producers told Haddish she was now a Grammy-winner. Haddish was completely stunned and did not believe them at first. When the producers insisted they were not joking, she began tearing up and the girls started clapping. One even told her to go pick up the award.

"You know a Black woman hasn't won in that category since 1986? A Black woman hasn't won for Best Comedy Album since Whoopi Goldberg," Haddish said. One of the girls said Haddish was crying because she wanted to see the trophy. But Haddish used that moment to share the lesson from this moment.

"Can I tell you why I'm crying? There's a lot of bumpy roads that you cross, right?" Haddish told the two girls. "And there are times where you wonder, 'Am I doing the right thing? Is this good enough? Am I good enough? Am I strong enough to do this job?' And then you just have to believe in yourself as much as you can. And against all odds, you just say, 'You know what? I'm just going to put my best foot forward and I'm going to give the world the best that I got.' Anything is possible."

Haddish won the Best Comedy Album Grammy for her Netflix special, Black Mitzvah. The last time a Black woman won the award was in 1986 when Whoopi Goldberg was honored for Whoopi Goldberg (Original Broadway Show Recording). Haddish's first Grammy nomination was for Best Spoken World Album in 2019 for The Last Black Unicorn, notes Entertainment Weekly. She lost that award to former President Jimmy Carter.

Haddish, 41, hosted the first Kids Say The Darndest Things revival on ABC from 2019 to 2020. The network canceled the show, but CBS renewed it for another season and Haddish was asked to return as host. The new season will air on CBS later this year. Haddish also starred in Jerrod Charmichael's On The Count of Three, which premiered at Sundance in January.