Thomas Markle Jr. Defends Sister Meghan Markle Against Samantha Markle's Online Attacks

Meghan Markle’s half-brother Thomas Markle Jr. is coming to her defense amid vicious online attacks.

Speaking to OK! Magazine, the Duchess of Sussex’s estranged half-brother addressed Samantha Markle’s continued attacks against the British Royal, noting that Samantha has “always been bitter and negative” towards their sister.

“She was very jealous of Meghan from the very beginning and still to this very day,” he told the outlet, adding that Samantha is “negative” and “hard to get along with.”

Samantha has frequently made headlines ever since Markle was linked to the British Royal Family, though her attacks against her estranged half-sister were only amplified following Markle’s May 19, 2018 royal wedding to Prince Harry.

Now, with a royal baby on the way, Markle’s first child with Harry, Samantha is set to release to two “tell-all” books that she claims will shed truth on the Duchess and “cover everything from lullabies to lies.” Thomas, however, is warning people not to trust what they read.

“'I wouldn't believe anything that's written in there [her book on Meghan],” he said, claiming that Samantha is only “spreading lies.”

While Samantha has long maintained that she and her sister were close, Thomas stated that Markle’s relationship with her paternal family began to fracture years before she ever met Prince Harry, claiming that they became distant once she landed her role as Rachel Zane on Suits.

“I think she turned into a little Hollywood starlet and she was focused on her career so much. I get it,” he said. “I get being in that world because once you’re down that path you’ll do anything it takes to be successful so that had a lot to do with being distant from her whole family.”

“A lot of the distance happened between Meghan when she went to Toronto and her first big break in TV which was Suits and it turned out to be a big hit in the USA,” he added.

Before, that, however, he recalled how they “would have a little Christmas at our house and then go to Doria’s mum’s house.”


Thomas added that the sudden distance has become a major concern for their father, Thomas Makrle Sr., as “he’s hurt and very confused about what happened to his relationship with his daughter and I think he’s a little more frustrated now because he’s got a grandchild coming up with his favourite person that he worshiped.”

According to Thomas, though, their father doesn’t hold any hard feelings towards his daughter, blaming much of the rift in their relationship on Samantha, who he has begged to “stop spreading lies.”