'The View' Co-Host Meghan McCain Posts Message to Show's Makeup Team, Gets Immediately Trolled

Meghan McCain posted a note about her hair and makeup team on The View this week, but fans were not impressed. The talk show co-host thanked the folks who get her ready to go on the air, but some followers thought she was being hypocritical. As usual, McCain ignored the online trolls.

McCain posted a selfie from inside the studio on Friday afternoon. She was all made up for a TV appearance, including makeup, hair and wardrobe. She later tweeted her appreciation for the tireless team that helps get her ready each day.

"I've got 99 problems but incredible hair and makeup team ain't one. Thank you to the amazing team who work miracles every morning on me," she wrote.

McCain's tweet got over 6,000 likes and almost a hundred retweets as well. Many of the replies were kind and affectionate, others veered into mockery or even outright insults.

"Real beauty is on the inside, eat some makeup," one person advised.

"Looks good, if only our personality was," added another.

A few fans criticized McCain's reference to Jay-Z lyrics, with tweets like: "If Jay-Z were dead he'd be rolling in his grave." Others thought her praise for the stylists was ill-timed given a recent story about her.

Many fans linked to articles back in July, when sources at The View told outlets like the Daily Mail that McCain was fostering a "toxic" work environment. The insiders even said that McCain had tried to get Emmy-winning makeup artist Karen Dupiche fired after seeing that Dupiche had liked an Instagram post that was critical of her. Dupiche has worked on The View for 15 years now, and has dealt with other controversial co-hosts in the past.

"If you look at Karen's social media, you'll see she continues to do both Elizabeth and Rosie's makeup to this day, making her the Switzerland of makeup artists - she's always been neutral and has always gotten along with even the co-hosts not known for being easy to work with," the source pointed out.

At the time, it was reported that only Whoopi Goldberg's influence saved Dupiche. Insiders said Goldbert threatened to "raise holly hell" if Dupiche was let go. This was not long after Dupiche had reportedly driven Goldberg to the hospital herself, when the comedian suffered from double pneumonia earlier this year.

"When Whoopi surprised the co-hosts and came back to the show unexpected earlier this year, she brought Karen to the table and credited her for helping save her life," they explianed. "So Meghan targeting Karen over a social media post set Whoopi off and she lashed out at the executives in a way that sent shockwaves through the network."

An official spokesperson from ABC denied the story, saying that McCain and the rest of the cast and crew get along well off-camera. Still, reports continue to emerge saying that that is not the case.

The View airs on weekdays at 11 a.m. ET on ABC.