'The View' Co-Host Meghan McCain Weighs in on Bizarre Joe Biden Finger Bite

Meghan McCain and the rest of the co-hosts of The View were relatively light-hearted about the viral video showing Joe Biden biting his wife's finger. The clip circulated online over the weekend, and The View covered in on Monday. McCain though the it was "so cute," despite how the Internet collectively dragged it.

The clip in question comes from a Biden campaign event in Iowa on Saturday. When Jill Biden nearly hit her husband with her fingers while gesticulating at the podium, the former Vice President made a joke out of it, pretending to bite the still-extended finger.

The video went viral, and just about everyone weighed in on it over the weekend. It slowly turned into a discussion about political optics, but McCain thought it was much simpler than that.

"I got a tweet from them afterwards! Very fancy," she said. "Joe Biden replied to me and said 'guilty, we do still love each other!'"

To McCain, this was just an example of some humanizing behavior from Biden, helping to break the endless train of policy talk.

"I still stand by, the more natural candidates across the board are on the campaign trail... Any kind of natural behavior on the campaign trail, I still think voters in the middle of the country respond to," she said.

In a rare moment of solidarity, co-host Joy Behar openly agreed with McCain.

"You're not far off, a lot of people say that," said Behar. "The polls say it."

While Biden has had bumps in the road during his campaign, Behar said that she has no particular issue with him, adding: "Joe Biden makes me feel good. I like him. I trust him." However, she tempered that by adding that she would vote for Chuck E. Cheese if it meant getting President Trump out of the White House.

Though she is a Republican, McCain is also not a fan of President Trump. On Tuesday, she even revealed that she turned down multiple offers to take part in The Apprentice.

"I was asked to be on The Apprentice several times and said no," McCain told PEOPLE. "He [Trump] left a voice message and I didn’t call back. I didn’t want to be an Apprentice. Like, the whole thing, I didn't like all of it."

While she did not know that Trump would eventually succeed in becoming president, she said that even then she was not interested in his reality TV gimmick.


"I thought it was a dumb show," she said frankly. "No offense."

McCain is one of the co-hosts on The View, which airs on weekdays at 11 a.m. ET on ABC.