'The Talk': Sharon Osbourne Addresses Speculation She Was 'Rude' to Marie Osmond

The Talk host, Sharon Osbourne is defending herself after fans took to social media speculating over the TV personality possibly shading her co-panelist, Marie Osmond during an episode of their CBS talk show on Thursday, April 2. During the episode, which included a heated discussion on COVID-19, the respiratory illness caused by the ongoing coronavirus outbreak that has spread around the world, Osbourne reportedly called out Osmond who admitted she was "intrigued" by the coronavirus news.

While Osmond admitted that was the "wrong word to use" and tried to explain herself by touting how she was "just like" Osbourne, that's when things supposedly got heated. Osbourne interrupted her co-star, stating: "I am NOTHING like you."

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On Friday, Osbourne took to Instagram to share a snapshot of her co-panelists with a lengthy message, addressing whether she was really rude to Osmond.

"For all the viewers that thought I was rude to Marie today. I would just like to say that we're all grown women and we have different opinions," she wrote. "It certainly doesn't mean that we don't respect and love each other. As you know, these are very difficult times and they're going to bring out different emotions in all of us. I'm sorry but I can't apologise for being overly emotional, otherwise I'm being fake and I don't do that very well. Stay in, safe safe and hope to see you tomorrow. Love and respect...Sharon."

Fans immediately took to the comments section to applaud Osbourne for her comment, while others were more confused over the entire debacle.

"I ONLY watch the show because of you. You deserve your own show. Seriously. You ARE The Talk," wrote one fan, while another added, "You were just saying how you feel. There is nothing wrong with that!"

"I don't think you were rude. You are the realist on the show," added another.

"Ms Sharon, you're exactly correct speaking your mind and voicing your opinion does not mean you don't respect people and if that hurts feeling then so be it, life's to (sic) short to worry about that..." added another. "I love watching y'all and the main reason why I enjoy the show is because of that... Each and everyone of y'all have a different opinion on topics... I LOVE IT!!!"

While Osbourne didn't delve into further details about what exactly transpired between the two, one fan wrote that the whole thing "blew over fairly quickly" and was "no biggie."

Osmond has not yet spoken about the supposed riff between the two.


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