'The Talk' Star Carrie Ann Inaba Reveals Co-Hosts Teach Her 'How to Cope' With Life 'Better' Ahead of Season 11 Premiere (Exclusive)

The co-hosts of The Talk made their return to studio after being forced to shoot from their respective homes as a result of the pandemic for the last seven months. March 12 was their last day in studio, but for the Season 11 premiere, hosts Carrie Ann Inaba, Sharon Osbourne, Eve and Sheryl Underwood sat safely apart on a newly redesigned set. While Eve is in London and Osbourne is forced to quarantine after one of her granddaughters was diagnosed with COVID-19, both tuned in via remote and anticipate on returning in the future. In an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, Inaba not only expressed her excitement for their in-studio return, but gushed over her co-hosts, revealing how much she learns from them due to their different backgrounds, opinions and views. She detailed that no matter how different their thoughts, they all find respectful ways to express them and still be friends at the end of the day.

"That's what's so great about this job," Inaba said. "I love being on The Talk because I learn how to cope with my life better through conversations with the other ladies, through the topics that we bring up, and from the audience as well. Sometimes they respond to what we're talking about via social media and I learn things from what they say as well. In this day and age we need to be talking about connecting and trying to understand each other better. That's what we like to do out here at The Talk."

Inaba was introduced as a full-time host in 2019 after filling the spot of Julie Chen Moonves. The Dancing with the Stars judge expressed that in this day in age, people are so divided, but their goal on the hit CBS daytime talk show is to bring people together while also sharing different points of view. "In this day and age, people are very separated. We are living in a society where people are very separated by their opinions. And what we want [...] is how to have conversations from different backgrounds and make it something so that we grow and we find connection as opposed to creating more distance."

She continued, "I mean with Eve, Sheryl, Sharon and myself, we all come from very different backgrounds, and yet we are able to sit on this panel and to judge things and have different opinions, but still find a way to not end up in an argument or create a clash." Inaba and the rest of the The Talk cast will be introducing four new segments to this season: "Daily Catch Up," "The Talk Talks Back," "Eat Up," and "Feel Good Fridays."

Inaba will rejoin her co-hosts in the studio after being apart for seven months and she is more than thrilled about it. "Oh my gosh, I'm so excited [...] it's been a few months now and I think too many. I missed the ladies!" She gushed how good of friends they all are both on and off-air, and said that's she's looking forward to the new season.


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