'The Ranch' Star Kelli Goss' Boyfriend Suffers Near-Fatal Accident, Currently Hospitalized

The boyfriend of The Ranch star Kelli Goss has survived a near-fatal accident. While the couple were enjoying their Valentine's Day getaway at the Big Bear Mountain Resort in California, Goss' boyfriend, Justin Wilburn took a nasty spill on the slopes. Goss posted a pair of photos to her Instagram, as well as a lengthy caption detailing Wilburn's recovery.

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"Not exactly how we expected our Valentine's weekend to go but we are on the mend! [Justin] had a bad snowboarding accident a few hours after we got into Big Bear. He wanted to get on the mountain to soak in every minute boarding with his friends but unfortunately 'sending it' a little too hard on a jump got the best of him and left him with five broken ribs, a punctured and consequently collapsed lung, and some bruised kidneys (and body)."

Gross went on to say that Wilmer's original prognosis "was much worse" and having to spend a few days in recovery is what she called "the best-case scenario."

"Having the person I depend on and turn to for strength need me to be strong (read: tearless) and to tell him everything is going to be okay when the words 'life-threatening' and 'could lead to fatality' are being used in the room after thinking it was just a few knocked up ribs was something I can't explain."

She went on to say that it was "the scariest day of my life if I'm being honest," adding, "but luckily he didn't know that." She added that they'll be at the hospital for "a few more days."

"I know we both are looking forward to a change of clothes, a good night's sleep not cramped in a hospital bed together, a home-cooked meal and getting to see our sweet Teddi Sue," the lengthy caption concluded.

Back in September, Goss had teased the return of her character, Heather, for The Ranch's final batch of episodes, which premiered on Netflix in January. In December of 2018, she also wrote a message to former co-star Danny Masterson, who was fired from the sitcom following multiple allegations of sexual abuse.


Goss had recently sent a heartfelt message to the victims of a shooting in Santa Clarita, California, which is the actress's hometown.