'General Hospital' Star Tests Positive for COVID-19

General Hospital star Nancy Lee Grahn is dealing with a bout of COVID-19. On Instagram, she confirmed her positive diagnosis and opened up about battling the illness. She also penned a lengthy message about the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic

Grahn began her message, which came alongside a selfie, by writing that she was confused about how so many people put themselves "into a position to catch or spread Covid is so unquestionably stupid regarding their own health and thoughtless regarding others." She then seemingly referenced a report from Forbes about how 96% of flights have the coronavirus in their wastewater. The soap star added, "Very few ppl are masked anywhere now. Americans have made it clear they don't want to be inconvenienced by them. Ok, but unfortunately it's not over yet."

The General Hospital star went on to share her gratitude about how medical officials have made strides in mitigating "a lot of dangers but still to not do ur part in preventing the spread of it is callous." Grahn wrote that no one can be sure whether they'll be affected by COVID-19, so she urged them to take the necessary precautions while in public. She then addressed how her own battle with the illness has been going. 

"No one knows how Covid is going to land on you. In any case, it ain't fun and you don't want it," Grahn wrote. "At the very least keep ur masks on in public places. BTW, I'll be fine… just thought a visual of what Covid looks like in a relatively good scenario would be motivating ( scare you) into putting ur masks back on." As Soap Opera Network reported, many of those in Grahn's industry wished her well following her positive COVID-19 diagnosis.


Her General Hospital co-star Tabyana Ali wrote, "Feel better soon." Young and the Restless star Christian Le Blanc replied to the post with several heart emojis. Grahn's former Santa Barbara co-star A Martinez agreed with her sentiment and praised her for refusing "to roll over to vigilance fatigue." Martinez added, "We don't know what's down the road. But letting this thing hang around, cuz it's easier than resisting it, seems insane. Much love to you, homegirl. May you get well soon."