'The Ranch' Star Ashton Kutcher Reacts to Infamous Embarrassing Paparazzi Photo on 'Ellen'

The Ranch star Ashton Kutcher once suffered an embarrassing paparazzi photo, and he recently opened up about the infamous snapshot on Ellen.

In the picture, Kutcher was seen with his pants sliding down and the top part of his backside clearly visible.

"I know there's a picture of you," DeGeneres said, then displaying the image to the studio audience. "You shouldn't be proud of this and yet you are...Why are you proud of that picture?"

"It's not that I'm proud, that's like a good week, that shows me that I'm having a great week," Kutcher jokingly responded. "So I fluctuate about 10 pounds right? I got a 10 pound flux that happens...so I'm either ripping at like 198 or like 188 so when the pants are coming down that means I'm at a 188 week!"

"Gift for me. Gift for you," he then quipped. "Put it out there, it's the holidays!"

Kutcher also shared that Ellen was partially responsible for he and his new Ranch co-star Dax Shepard rekindling their friendship.

The two appeared on MTV's Punk'd together many years ago, but after going in different directions they drifted back together when their wives Kristen Bell (Shepard's spouse) and Mila Kunis (Kutcher's spouse) filmed the movie Bad Moms together.

"You know what's unbelievable is Kristen and Mila were shooting Bad Moms together," Kutcher said. "So we kind of ran into each other when they were shooting that movie together, because we both happened to be in Atlanta where they were shooting."

"And then we came here to do this Mother's Day -- they were on for a Mother's Day special," he went on to say, explaining how DeGeneres inadvertantly assisted in their reconnection. "And Dax and I came and like gave them flowers...It was funny because it kind of like re-kickstarted our friendship because we'd done Punk'd together years and years and years ago... and after we hung out on the show we're like 'God I really like hanging out with [you].' "

Kutcher said that the moment led to the two stars spending more time together. "Now we hang out everyday," he said, with DeGeneres proudly noyting, "So it's all because of me."


"You kind of rekindled the thing that was like super special," Kutcher confirmed.

Shepard joined Kutcher on The Ranch after former co-star Danny Masterson was fired over past sexual assault allegations. Fans can catch Kutcher and Shepard together in Part 6 of the series, which is streaming now on Netflix.