'The Ranch' Star Debra Winger Reveals New Photo After Not Appearing in Part 7 Trailer

A trailer for The Ranch Part 7 recently debuted, and many noticed that series star Debra Winger did not appear anywhere in the clip. Now, Winger has revealed the first new photo of herself on Instagram, following the surprising revelation. In the photo, Winger is sitting in a chair, hold up the book On Fire, by Larry Brown. She is flashing a smile, seemingly unbothered by the development. Notably, it has not been announced that Winger will not be on the show moving forward, so just because she did not appear in the new trailer, that is not actually an indication that she will not turn up at some point.

However, during a 2018 interview with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, Winger was asked about the show and replied with a cryptic response.

"It's back. There are 20 new ones being shot. I may or may not be in them," she said.

Part 7 of The Ranch will be the first half of the series' final seaosn, which was announced back in June. At that time, series co-star Dax Shepard took to Instagram to share his feelings about show coming to an end.

“I've had SO much fun working daily with [Elisha Cuthbert] Sam and Ashton [Kutcher] on The Ranch,” Shepard captioned a photo of himself, Kutcher, Cuthbert, and Sam Elliott, the first promo photo of the season. “The show is sadly coming to an end, but happily, not before the final 20 episodes — 10 streaming later this year (2019) on Netflix, and then 10 more in 2020. A lifetime highlight was hugging Sam Elliott every morning when I got to work. That's far more luck than I ever planned on having [smiley face emoticon].”

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Shepard joined The Ranch in March 2018, portraying Luke Matthews, an ex-military man with a connection to the Iron River Ranch. The character was brought into the series following the controversial exit of former series star Danny Masterson.

Cuthbert also commented on the Netflix sitcom coming to an end, writing in a social media post, “One of the most enjoyable experiences of my professional career has come to a close. Over the last 4 years we have completed filming all 80 live shows BUT ITS FAR FROM DONE FOR YOU! We're excited to bring you the final 20 episodes — 10 streaming later this year (2019) on #Netflix, and then 10 more in 2020.”

“I'm so grateful for all my time spent with these incredible actors and crew and I’m so thankful for all the awesome fans of the show! We hope y’all get a kick out of the last 20!” Cuthbert concluded her statement.


Fans can catch up on The Ranch Parts 1-6 anytime on Netflix.

Photo Credit: Netflix