'That's So Raven' Alum Orlando Brown Claims Michael Jackson Is His Father During 'Dr. Phil' Interview

Orland Brown’s recent appearance on Dr. Phil has fans concerned after he stated his belief that Michael Jackson is his father.

Appearing on a Dec. 21 episode of the talk show, the former That’s So Raven Star opened up his legal problems and bouts with substance abuse, but it was his reference to Michael Jackson that raised concerns among fans about his mental health.

“I called in because Orlando, he has mental problems. He's burnt so many bridges, no one wants to deal with him. If you can't help, he does not have a chance,” one of Brown’s friends explained during a call-in during the episode. “Out of nowhere, he'll say: 'Michael Jackson is my father. I own Neverland.”

Brown’s affinity for the late King of Pop was put on display as he sat down for the intervention-style interview, in which he donned a pair of contacts that made his eyes closer resemble that of a snake’s.

“They’re my Michael Jackson eyelids from ‘Thriller,’” Brown told Dr. Phil.

Brown went on to claim that his homage to Jackson was due to more than just being a fan, as he was actually Michael Jackson’s son.

“My full name is Orlando Brown Prince Michael Jackson Jr. aka Blanket," Brown claimed. “My nickname I gave to myself. My father was Michael Jackson, the great Michael Jackson…I used to always wonder why I’m so astronomically blessed and gifted when it comes to being talented. I rap, sing and I do everything immaculately. The eyes. And also just speaking to different Jackson family members that, you know, have confirmed it. So yeah, it’s a blessing to know that. I can sit here today and say, that yeah, that Michael Jackson was my father.”


Brown later backtracked his statement, however, clarifying that Jackson was not his actually father, but rather a “father figure” in his life. Although he went on to explain that he had never met Jackson or been to his Neverland Ranch, he added that “I know my father would have wanted me to have it” when speaking about the ranch and that “he left it for me.”

The episode served as an intervention for the troubled former Disney star, who has faced a number of run-ins with the law and suffers from mental health issues. Toward the end of the episode, Dr. Phil introduced Brown to a doctor with Creative Care, an addiction and mental health treatment center in Malibu, encouraging him to accept the help and receive treatment. While Brown initially refused to enter the facility, Dr. Phil later announced that Brown had ended up changing his mind and is currently receiving treatment at Creative Care.