Terry Crews Sues Agent He Accused of Sexual Assault

Terry Crews has filed a lawsuit against Adam Venit, the WME agent who he claims sexually assaulted him at a party last year. Crews has already filed a report with the LAPD, and they say the investigation is still ongoing. For Crews, that doesn't seem to be enough.

The lawsuit details Venit's alleged harassment of Crews. In it, Crews writes that, in addition to the unwanted physical advances, Venit spent much of the night staring at him "like a rabid dog, sticking his tongue in and out of his mouth provocatively."

Crews first spoke up about his experience in early October, during the height of the "#MeToo" campaign across social media. Crews didn't name Venit at first, but said that a powerful agent in the industry had groped him against his will and taunted him. He said the experience shocked him, that it was disheartening and left him feeling powerless.

When word spread that Venit was the agent Crews was talking about, WME opened their own internal investigation into the case. The agency put Venit on an unpaid suspension, which lasted for one month. Last week, Venit returned to his job, and Crews was not happy. "SOMEONE GOT A PASS," the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star tweeted, along with a link to an article about Venit's reinstatement.


Although he's back at work, Venit has been demoted at WME. Before Crews spoke up, the agent used to be head of the motion picture department. That title was stripped from him, though Venit has apparently held onto many of his famous and influential clients. Recently, Crews spoke out on Twitter on behalf of the clients who have stayed with Venit. "I will not be shamed," Crews wrote, "but I also will not shame anyone else."