Terry Crews Reveals the Truth Behind Why He's Suing the Agent Who Assaulted Him

Terry Crews said the real reason he's suing WME agent Adam Venit — the agent he has accused of sexually assaulting him — is to keep Hollywood accountable.

During an interview with TMZ at LAX Sunday, Crews said Hollywood needs to be disciplined.

"People need to be held accountable," the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star told a TMZ cameraman. "That's the only thing I'm trying to accomplish. You got to discipline Hollywood, teach people how to treat [others]."

The 49-year-old filed a lawsuit against Venit last week. He claims Venit sexually harassed him at a party in 2016, where Venit allegedly grabbed Crews' genitals. Crews claims Venit stared at him "like a rabid dog, sticking his tongue in and out of his mouth provocatively."

Crews claimed in the lawsuit that he told Adam Sandler, who was at the party, "Adam, come get your boy! He's grabbing my nuts."

On his way home, Crews got a call from Sandler, who is represented by Venit, to ask if he was ok. Sandler was surprised by his agent's behavior, Crews said.

The day after the alleged assault, Crews claims he told his WME agent about the incident. Venit called him hours later and said he wasn't himself during the party.

Crews also met with WME chairman Ari Emanuel, who apologized. Crews told Emanuel he was afraid of retaliation, but Emanuel said Venit wasn't that powerful in Hollywood.

After an internal investigation, Venit was suspended for a month without pay and is already back to work.

"SOMEONE GOT A PASS," Crews tweeted in response.


Crews also filed a police report with the Los Angeles Police Department, which is investigating.

Photo credit: Jordin Althaus/Fox/Universal Television