Terry Crews Speaks out After Filing Charges Against Agent Accused of Sexually Assaulting Him

A month after Terry Crews asserted that he was groped by a "high level Hollywood executive", Terry Crews has filed a police report against his alleged assailant — and plans to take legal action as well.

TMZ reports that Crews plans to file a lawsuit against Adam Venit, a longtime agent for talent firm William Morris Endeavor (WME), who sources say is the man Crews named in his police report on Wednesday.

"People have to be held accountable," Crews told TMZ as he left the Los Angeles Police Department. "We're gonna go all the way."

Venit, whose clients include Hollywood stars like Sylvester Stallone, Diane Keaton, Eddie Murphy and Adam Sandler, was put on a leave of absence from WME after Crews publicly alleged a high-profile entertainment executive groped him at an event.

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Last month, Crews tweeted that the unfolding Harvey Weinstein scandal hit close to home for him, as he said he was groped by a "high-level Hollywood executive." He wrote that the incident occurred in full view of his wife.

"My wife saw everything n we looked at him like he was crazy. He just grinned like a jerk," Crews wrote.

The Brooklyn Nine Nine actor wrote he didn't "kick his a-s right then" because he was worried about the repercussions of someone of his size and race getting physical with a powerful Hollywood exec.


"I decided not 2 take it further becuz I didn't want 2b ostracized— par 4 the course when the predator has power n influence," continued Crews. "I let it go. And I understand why many women who this happens to let it go. Who's going 2 believe you? ( few) What r the repercussions?(many) Do u want 2 work again? (Yes) R you prepared 2b ostracized? (No)."

He concluded, "I understand and empathize with those who have remained silent. But Harvey Weinstein is not the only perpetrator. Hollywood is not the only business we're this happens, and to the casualties of this behavior— you are not alone. Hopefully, me coming forward with my story will deter a predator and encourage someone who feels hopeless."