'Teen Wolf' Alum Holland Roden 'Aggressively' Detained in Brazil Without Food and Water

Former Teen Wolf star Holland Roden is speaking out following a harrowing travel experience. The [...]

Former Teen Wolf star Holland Roden is speaking out following a harrowing travel experience. The actress said she was detained in Brazil while attempting to attend a fan convention, and was mistreated while in custody, according to Us Weekly.

The incident was first brought to light by journalist Alex Mohajer, according to the magazine. The reporter tweeted that Roden was "being detained by Brazilian officials at Sao Paulo-Congonhas Airport," on Friday. Mohajer said at the time that Roden had been in custody "for over 6 hours,"and was "being treated aggressively." Roden was reportedly detained because her visa was found to be invalid, which the actress denied.

Reps for the actress confirmed in a statement to PEOPLE that her visa was "valid." The statement also said that she'd been in the country twice this year using it.

"We are desperately seeking help from the U.S. embassy and Brazilian government," the statement said. "We fear they will send her back without reevaluating her situation. The only person she knows there is her agent, Michael Brooks, and the Brazilian officials are treating them like criminals and are trying to separate them. We need the public to know about this aggressive and uncalled for behavior."

An official at the United States State Department told PEOPLE they were "aware" of her arrest, and were ready to assist if necessary.

Roden later shared screenshots of the tweets on Instagram, telling fans she was "grateful" to have her story told, and for the support of her Teen Wolf "family." She went on to say that she had been traveling to and from Brazil for two years, and never had an issue with her visa or passport before. Roden told followers she was "shocked that this is the same Brazil I know and love," accusing the police of mistreating her.

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In spite of the incident, Roden remained hopeful that she would make it to the event to see fans. She asked fans to "urge your country to have reasonable treatment to people entering the country with valid identification," and asked that anyone with connections assist her.

Roden later detailed the alleged misconduct she spoke of. She recalled being "dismissed," "screamed at," and denied access to a translator, food, and water "for four hours."

Commenters flocked to Roden's Instagram comments to show their support. Brazilian fans said they were "disappointed" in their country, while others simply said they were "sorry" for how she'd allegedly been treated. There were some negative comments, accusing Roden of having committed "a crime," and others that said they were treated similarly while traveling in the United States.

"And thank you to one lone LATAM employee doing her job," Roden added.

Following the Channel Zero star's tweets, the official Twitter account for the 4U Experience convention announced that the event was canceled. It's unclear whether it was related to Roden's experience, or something else.