Taylor Swift Fans Send Support After She Reveals Her Mother's Brain Tumor Diagnosis

Fans are sending their love and support to Taylor Swift after the Grammy-winning singer revealed that her mother, Andrea Swift, has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. The diagnosis came amid Andrea's ongoing battle with breast cancer, Swift revealed in an interview with Variety, explaining that doctors discovered the tumor as her mother underwent chemotherapy.

"My prayers go out to Taylor Swift and her mom Andrea, that they both be okay during this hard time," wrote one fan.

"That's terrible," added another. "I wish her and the family the best of luck. Praying for her mother and every other person who is sick."

"My heart breaks for Taylor Swift and her mother Andrea," tweeted another. "I'll never forget where I was, what I was doing, what I was wearing when they told me my mom's cancer spread to her brain. It was just most gut wrenching sucker punch of my entire life. I am crying for them."

"OMG! My heart," wrote someone else. "To hear that news about a loved one, especially your mother, is unimaginable. Prayers for the best recovery."

Swift had first revealed her mother's breast cancer diagnosis in a 2015 Tumblr post, revealing in a column she wrote for ELLE magazine just four years later that the cancer had returned.

"Both of my parents have had cancer, and my mom is now fighting her battle with it again," she wrote, adding that the situation has helped her understand that things that she used to worry about are no longer meaningful.

"It's taught me that there are real problems and then there's everything else," she explained. "My mom's cancer is a real problem. I used to be so anxious about daily ups and downs. I give all of my worry, stress, and prayers to real problems now."


In her interview with Variety, Swift, who penned the song "Soon You'll Get Better" about her mother's cancer battle, revealed that her mother had received another devastating diagnosis.

"While she was going through treatment, they found a brain tumor," she said. "And the symptoms of what a person goes through when they have a brain tumor is nothing like what we've ever been through with her cancer before. So it's just been a really hard time for us as a family."