Taylor Lautner Responds to Comment He 'Aged Like a Raisin'

Taylor Lautner responded to trolls who commented on his looks after he appeared on the Today Show last week. One person said the former Twilight star "aged like a raisin," while another said he "looks like old broccoli." Lautner, 31, admitted that the comments bothered him, but he is now at a point in his life where they no longer make him question himself.

On Monday, Lautner told his fans that he checked out the responses to his Today appearance, against his better judgment. He then showed screenshots of comments from people who thought he aged poorly after his Twilight days. "Brooo where is his hairline running off to???" one comment read. Another troll said the actor "looks like s—." The comments "brought up old feelings and memories" that reminded him why reading comments is a bad idea.

"You find value where you put it," Lautner said, notes Page Six. "And if you put your value in what other people think of you, that's how you're going to feel. But if you put your value in you knowing who you are, what's important to you, what you love, that kind of stuff won't get to you."

The actor said he "wouldn't be on here posting this video" if the comments didn't bother him, but they no longer make him "question who I am and it doesn't take anything away from me... So, I think my biggest point is just [to] think about and remember where you put your value in life, and also just be nice. It's not that difficult. Let's be nice to each other. Let's spread love and positivity. It's that simple."

The response to Lautner's post was overwhelmingly supportive, with some even puzzled that anyone had anything bad to say about the actor. "The funny thing is that as you were talking before that I thought, 'Wow, the man does not age!'" one person wrote. "Holy shoot. Thank you for sharing this. I sometimes need to practice what I preach and this was really powerful for me. Thank you," Kaitlyn Bristowe wrote.

One of the people Lautner called out even apologized. The actor then personally responded. "You didn't have to jump on here but that was really brave. We all say things before we speak sometimes," Lautner wrote. "I'm very guilty myself. But it's good to be reminded [of] the impact it can have at times. I respect you and you are completely forgiven. Hope you have an awesome day!"

Lautner and his wife, nurse Taylor "Tay" Lautner, stopped by Today to talk about their new podcast, The Squeeze. However, his appearance made headlines for his response to Taylor Swift's plan to release a re-recording of Speak Now. The original album featured "Back to December," a song about Swift and Lautner's breakup. "I think it's a great album. Yeah, I feel safe," Lautner said. "Praying for John [Mayer]."