Tara Reid Touts 'Great Spirits and Health' After Controversial 'Sharknado' Interview

Tara Reid says she is in "great spirits and health" following a controversial Sharknado interview in which many thought she was inebriated.

According to Us Weekly, Reid released a statement to the press explaining the situation, but first expressing gratitude to those who have stuck by her.

"I’d like to thank my fans from the depths of my soul for their continued support, which has made this Sharknado my most successful one yet," the 42-year-old actress said. "We worked harder than ever on this film and also the production of the film."

She then went on to address the infamous interview that took place on Friday, Aug. 17 with the hosts of Today Extra.

"While it’s unfortunate to see some of the recent negative press following a successful week of promoting and supporting the film, I’m happy to know that my fans continue to stand by me — this is for them!" Reid exclaimed.

"I’m also grateful to have been able to share this moment with my mom, who walked the red carpet with me on Sunday," she added. "She has been struggling with her health and to have her at my side, for possibly the last time, was so incredibly fulfilling."

"I am in great spirits and health and I look forward to my future projects and what’s in store for me next," Reid concluded her statement. "Thank you to everyone who stands by my side — I love my fans! Love, Tara."

In the Today Extra interview, Reid appeared to have a hard time keeping her eyes open and some felt she was slurring her words.

"This one, you guys, honestly is beyond … it’s my favourite one," she first said, before some delay issues and a faulty ear-piece made communication between her and the hosts. "It’s so ridiculous. It’s so bad that it’s good."

"One time when I was visiting in Australia I took a helicopter over, we were landing in a hotel, and as we took the helicopter over we went, like, really low down and I saw the netting," Reid went on to say, recalling a story of filming in the country where the show is based.

"And where the netting was, it was unbelievable, there was so many stingrays and sharks. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life," she continued. "And then you see like, little kids playing on the beach, I’m like, 'oh my God, do they have any idea what’s on the other side of those nets?' "

"I’ve never seen anything like that in my life," Reid later said. "It was the Gold Coast."

The Last Sharknado: It's About Time airs on Syfy on Sunday, Aug. 6, and fans catch Reid reprising her role as April Wexler in the film.