Sylvester Stallone's Mother Defends Son From Allegations

Sylvester Stallone’s mother appears to have come to his defense, fending off decades-old sexual abuse allegations brought on by his late half-sister.

An account claiming to be Jacqueline Stallone posted a copy of a sworn statement to California authorities on Twitter Saturday, which presents “facts” that her daughter Toni-Ann Filiti “made up the awful false story.” The account has only eight followers and was created in December, and it has not been verified as Jacqueline’s.

The mother has previously spoken out to refute her daughter’s claims she suffered years of sexual abuse by Stallone, citing her drug dependency as a potential driving factor for lying.

“Sadly, my daughter, Toni-Ann Filiti, suffered from severe drug dependency throughout her life which led to her being coerced by opportunists to make up false accusations," the statement said. Filet died in 2012 after battling lung cancer.

“Toni-Ann admitted to me on several occasions that she made up the awful false story about Sylvester as a way to fund her devastating drug habit at the behest of other people,” she continued. “It was a shakedown invented as a means to get large sums of money from Sylvester.”

Jacqueline also claimed Filiti was pressured by third parties to make accusations against Stallone, who was “at the height of his career.”

Though Stallone and his mother deny Filiti’s allegations and claim she was attempting to extort him for cash, he reached a reported $2 million settlement with his half-sister, plus $16,666.66 per month through her lifetime and a $50,000 annual trust for psychiatric and medical expenses.

“It is obvious that Sylvester never, ever touched Toni-Ann inappropriately, and that the terrible story she made up… had all been false,” she concluded in the statement dated August 26, 2015.

Jacqueline’s unverified statement defends her son against allegations brought on by his half-sister, but the account did not respond to the most recent accusation of sexual assault against the Rocky actor.

In mid-November, a 50-year-old actress filed a report claiming that Stallone assaulted her in 1990 at his office.


Police are reportedly investigating whether there is enough evidence in the case to charge Stallone, but should they determine the claim is false, the actor wants to file a complaint against his accuser.

Throughout his career, Stallone has fielded a history of sexual misconduct allegations. To read more about the mounting accusations, click here.