Super Bowl 2020: Jamie Foxx Video Reveals He Harnesses Patience During Fan's Rap

The 2020 Super Bowl featured a lot of amazing moments, but maybe the most unnoticed was when a video emerged of actor/singer Jamie Foxx harnessing an incredible amount of patience while a fan freestyle rapped for him. In the clip, published by TMZ, the hip-hop hopeful is seen videoing himself and Foxx, while also spitting bars that the White House Down star just does not appear to be feeling. Arguably, while the gentleman spits bars with a lot of passion, Foxx simply may have been distracted by other things, which could be why he seems very stoic and emotionless during the clip.

See the video by clicking here.

In addition to attending the Super Bowl, Foxx also appeared afterwards in the (pre-taped) debut of The Masked Singer Season 3, as a guest judge.

During a conversation with Variety, Craig Plestis — who developed the series for U.S. audiences — spoke about Foxx's appearance, saying that the producers are always excited to have him on.

"He tells a great story of why he wanted to do it in the first episode, about his mom. Watching him on the panel listening and figuring stuff out as a first-time panelist, he was phenomenal. I was blown away by his guesses and his reasoning," Plestis said. "He's such a master of pop culture and knows almost everyone anyway. So he's really listening to voices, he's analyzing all the clues, and piecing it together like a detective that has done this a thousand times."

Many fans of the show have since taken to Twitter to comment on Foxx's appearance, with one joking, "The only reason Jamie Foxx decided to judge is so they could finally go one full episode without guessing one of the singers is him."

"I think Jamie Foxx needs to be a permanent judge on #TheMaskedSinger because he makes the most accurate guesses," someone else added.


Season 3 of The Masked Singer will now go on to its regular Wednesday evening time slot, starting Feb. 5.

Photo Credit: Getty Images