Steve-O's New 'Boiling' Stunt Makes 'Jackass' Look Like Sesame Street

Steve-O's stunts on Jackass were often cringe-worthy, but his latest gag may top all them all.

The comedian posted a video this week, showing off the aftermath of his latest stunt. Steve-O details how he laid down in a bed of rocket engine fuel as it was lit on fire. Then, as only Steve-O would do, he proceeded to make snow angels in the flames.

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He aptly called them fire angels.

There are bandages covering much of Steve-O's arms torso. He removes them later in the footage to reveal some disgusting burns and blisters that came from the stunt.

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TMZ posted a separate video showcasing the blisters, and Steve-O really gets up close and personal with the camera.


In his original video, Steve-O talks to his producers about his new comedy special. The engine fuel situation wasn't planned, but he's going to use it as his big finale. The special thanks portion of the special, which will take place after the stunt, will apparently feature Steve-O drinking the fluid from his blisters as he thanks each person on his list.

Jackass may have ended a while ago, but Steve-O is still turning things up to 11.