Steve Harvey and Gronk Lego-Gate: Twitter Still Weighing in With Takes

The epic New Years Eve moment between Steve Harvey and Rob "Gronk" Gronkowski — dubbed "Lego-Gate" — still has Twitter weighing in with takes, days after it happened. During Fox's NYE celebration, which was hosted by Harvey, Gronk made an appearance and ended up spiking a Lego bust of Harvey in the ground, shattering it into countless pieces.

Harvey was noticeably angry, but Gronk went on about his celebrations. Many viewers are still talking about the wild TV moment, and taking to Twitter to share their thoughts on the awkward moment.

"This is funny as hell from both sides... Gronk clearly drunk or high or both. And Steve Harvey reaction is priceless," wrote one user.

"My bet, Gronkowski was told to do it by the producer which is why they dressed him uniform, no way he did that it on his own! Everything is staged these days!" another user exclaimed.

"I was gonna watch the ball drop, turned the TV on and seen this moron dancing to the YMCA so I turned it off and thankfully missed all of this mess," someone else quipped.

"You must have been bullied as a kid that was straight out of hate that someone got something and you didn't and you couldn't deal with that even if it's just a bunch of Legos," one other user commented.

While many thought that Gronk was drunk during his appearance, at least one person refuted that claim. "Apparently, from what I've heard, Gronk didn't drink. I don't have any sources on that, though, so I can't verify," the user offered.


"It's called acting, now if you guys believe everything you see including acting, than your level of butthurt is ridiculous. Lighten up people stop crying. [Oh my God]," a sixth user tweeted out to some who believed that Gronk's behavior was intentionally malicious.

"Clearly what you should do know is build a piece by piece Rob Gronkowski and then watch the builder of the Steve Harvey one spike it," one final user joked.