Stephen King Takes Unflattering Jab at Donald Trump Jr.

Stephen King knows a thing or two about book tours, and he does not seem to like how Donald Trump Jr.'s is going. On Monday, King took a harsh jab at Trump Jr. on Twitter, mocking the young businessman's demeanor. The criticism comes as Trump Jr. is getting lots of coverage for his new book, and the press tour that has followed.

Trump Jr. released his book Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us last week, and he has been out promoting it ever since. His antics have now drawn the derision of one of the biggest authors of our time, King, who has published 61 novels and six non-fiction books so far in his life. King had some harsh words for Trump Jr. on Monday night.

The tweet was met with agreement from King's follower's who gave it over 7,000 likes and several hundred retweets within just a half hour. Many also left replies with their own impressions of Trump Jr. from his wide coverage this weekend.

"Not a chance that he'd pay for a drink," one person joked.

"He looks like he answers his phone by saying, 'talk to me,'" added another.

"He's the guy that took the Learning How to Talk to Women at a 'Men's Empowerment Seminar' and failed the course," a third person guessed.

Trump Jr. was in the headlines on Monday evening for an angry outburst at a book event in California. He was giving a talk at UCLA for a Turning Point USA event, where protesters were waiting to ask him to leave campus. Because of the disruption, Trump Jr. canceled the Q&A portion of his event, according to a report by CNN, outraging the fans who did come to see him.

Of course, King has been an outspoken opponent of President Donald Trump and his whole administration for years now, especially on Twitter. King often rails against the presidency online, and in recent years has followd day-to-day politics closely.


Current events aside, it is an excellent time to be a Stephen King fan. The author's work is having a renaissance on screen, with multiple shows and movies taking over pop culture right now. This weekend, an adaptation of King's Doctor Sleep premiered, revisiting Danny Torrence from The Shining as an adult. The character is played by Ewan McGregor in a movie that horror fans have been waiting all year for.

At the same time, Season 2 of Castle Rock is heating up on Hulu. The show remixes King's work one continuity in series form, and this year it is focusing on Annie Wilkes from Misery. The results have been stupendous, with King retweeting rave reviews as they roll in.