'Sons of Anarchy' Alum Ron Perlman Behind Wheel During Car Accident on Set of 'The Last Victim'

Ron Perlman was involved in a car accident on his movie set recently that could have led to some [...]

Ron Perlman was involved in a car accident on his movie set recently that could have led to some serious injuries, or worse. Perlman was up in British Columbia filming The Last Victim, where he was driving a pickup truck through the set. According to a report by TMZ, he lost control of the vehicle.

Perlman can be seen behind the wheel in a video of the accident, where a large utility truck comes barreling straight into the camera department for the indie film. A source on the scene said that Perlman drove right over some propane heaters in the tent, used to keep the cast and crew warm. At the time, the director, producer and script supervisor were all inside.

The source said that the heaters were let at the time, and they could easily have caused a big fire. In fact, they were relieved that there was no explosion.

These are new details on a crash that made headlines last month. At the time, details were sparse due to the remote location of the set. However, we did know that one person sustained a minor injury in the car accident. Now, it turns out Perlman was the driver.

The new video also includes audio of people shouting: "Ron, stop!" confirming that it was Perlman behind the wheel. It was reportedly the very first take of the day, and Perlman had complained beforehand that it was not easy to drive the massive truck in his over-sized cowboy boots. The actor was also wearing an ankle brace at the time, but directors insisted on getting the shot regardless.

If not for the accident, filming would reportedly have ended there on the indie movie. Instead, they had to return for another day. So far, Perlman and the movie's producers have not commented on the incident.

Perlman has, however, talked about how passionate he is for this project. In a tweet back in November, he remarked on how happy he was to spend the Thanksgiving holiday at work.

"I'm spending this Thanksgiving Day shooting a low budget independent film in Canada. And I couldn't be more grateful!" he wrote at the time.

The movie is described as a "neo-western," with Perlman playing Sheriff Hickey, a local law enforcement officer. He shares the screen with Ali Larter, Kyle Schmid and Ralph Ineson, among others.

The movie is written and directed by Naveen A. Chathapuram, with other writers including Doc Justin and Ashley James Louis. So far, the film has no official release date scheduled.