Alan O'Neill, 'Sons of Anarchy' Actor, Dies at 47

Alan O'Neill, an actor on Sons of Anarchy, died on Wednesday at the age of 47.

TMZ reported his body was found by his girlfriend in the hallway of her Los Angeles apartment on Wednesday evening. No cause of death has been determined, though no foul play is suspected. O'Neill reportedly had a history of heart problems and a long-running smoking habit.

O'Neill appeared in Seasons 6 and 7 of Sons of Anarchy as the recurring character Hugh. His character was that of a gun runner and former True IRA member working along with SAMCRO. In season 6, both he and his right-hand, Connor Malone, were excommunicated from their group after their higher-ups discovered the two were secretly selling guns without their permission. SAMCRO and the Mayans come together to kill the Irish king that ordered the hit on the two, forcing them to make a new partnership with the Mayans after saving their lives.

The Irish-born actor first began his acting career in 1997 in the TV movie, Ballyseedy. He went on to star in numerous television shows and shorts, such as Undercovers, Fair City, Tim and Eric's Bedtime Stories and Urge.

Timothy Murphy, who played Galen O'Shay on the show, offered his condolences on Twitter shortly after the news broke.

"My good friend Alan O'Neill died today..... we worked together on The Sons Of Anarchy... my condelences to his family," Murphy wrote.

The death comes less than a month after Sons of Anarchy actor David Labrava lost his 16-year-old son, Tycho Spelis Chiusano, completed suicide after struggling with depression.

"This is my Boy Tycho. He took his life at 16. He suffered from depression that no one could see. Communicate with your loved ones. I am broken," Labrava, who played Happy Lowman on the show for several seasons, wrote in a social media tribute.

Labrava also set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for "a depression and bipolar organization."

"Tycho was extremely intelligent, athletic, loyal, and a sensitive friend. He was full of life, constantly smiling, and had a knack for making others laugh," the donation page read.


Sons of Anarchy ran for 92 episodes across seven seasons from 2008-14. A sequel series, set a little over two years after the events of the original show titled Mayans MC, will premiere later in 2018.

Photo: Getty Images / Amy Graves / WireImage