Simone Biles Debuts as Houston Texans Cheerleader

U.S. Olympic winner Simone Biles has officially joined the Houston Texans cheerleading squad, and now we have a look at her glamorous debut.

The superstar gymnast picked up a pair of pop-poms and cheered along with the rest of the girls as their first-ever "honorary" Texans Cheerleader.

Biles, a Houston hometown girl, did a fantastic job overall, only getting a little tripped up occasionally.

Interestingly, her first game with the team was the very same game where Texans quarterback Tom Savage took a severe hit and hit his head which caused him to shake in a seizure-like manner.

The Texans were playing against the San Francisco 49ers when in the 2nd quarter of the game Savage was hit by 49ers defensive end Elvis Dumervil. Savage hit the ground and began to shake as if he was having a seizure.

Savage was pulled out of the game, evaluated by team officials, and then allowed to go back in as they seemed to think he did not have a concussion.

"Obviously, the spotter wanted him evaluated," said Bill O'Brien, the Texans coach. "We evaluated him. At that time, made the determination to put him, that he was – not me, obviously the evaluators made the determination to put him back in the game."


"And then he went back in the game and he came out and they evaluated him a little bit more," he added.

As Coach O'Brien stated, Savage was then pulled from the game a second time, and permanently, after officials grew concerned again that he could have potentially suffered some kind of brain trauma based on his playing and demeanor.