Seth Rogen Brutally Smacks Down Fan Who Insulted His Latest Project

Seth Rogen is not taking any flack on Instagram, as one unfortunate troll discovered. Rogan has been sharing photos of his homemade pottery recently, and when one fan tried to mock him for it, he got told off in the harshest way possible.

Rogen has been sharing photos of his homemade vases, bottles and ashtrays for months now, leaving little notes about how much fun his new hobby is. The posts have been increasing in frequency lately, taking up more and more of his feed. Over the weekend, one fan of Rogen's comedy lashed out at his latest creation.

"Big green bottle," Rogen captioned a photo of his latest work.

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Big green bottle.

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"I’d say it’s time to unfollow Seth Rogen retarded pics of clay ashtrays and bottles," the commenter wrote. "Guy's lost his edge I think pottery barn has an insta that’s probably more entertaining."

Rogen's comeback was swift and unforgiving, but it got his point across.

"How bout you go f— yourself?" he asked, tagging the offensive commenter.

The fan response was overwhelming, with more than 1600 additional comments and rising at the time of this writing. Many users wrote that the exchange was perfectly in line with the Rogen that they have known and loved on screen for years now.

"I can hear you saying this with your laugh but for real he can go to hell I enjoy your pieces you show bro do you," one fan wrote.

"Don't even answer this kind of people, they only seek to get attention, they should go and get a life," added another.

"Leave Seth Rogen alone," wrote another person, addressing the troll. "The guy's just trying to make some big green bottles."

Many fans also chimed in to express their appreciation for Rogen's new hobby, contrary to the cynical comment that started it all.

"I followed you for this comment," one person told Rogen.

"I started following for the ashtrays and bottles," added another with a shrug emoji.

"Bro you got 39 followers suck a d—," wrote a third person. "We love wholesome Seth Rogen content."


Rogen did not weigh in on the conversation again, perhaps feeling that he had gotten his point across. The angry commenter soon fell silent as well, and their Instagram account is now private. They still have 39 followers.

Outside of pottery, Rogen's next project is the Hilarity for Charity County Fair, an even more over-the-top version of his beloved event. It will be held on Sept. 14 in Los Angeles, California.