Seth Meyers and Wife Welcome Baby No. 2 in Lobby of Their Apartment

In an incredible birth story, Seth Meyers is a dad to baby number two. Meyers and his wife, Alexi [...]

In an incredible birth story, Seth Meyers is a dad to baby number two. Meyers and his wife, Alexi Ashe, welcomed their second child together on Sunday — in the lobby of their apartment building.

Meyers told the studio audience and viewers at home of Late Night With Seth Meyers about their new son Axel Strahl's eagerness to make his way into the world.

"I called 911 and over the course of a minute conversation, I said, 'We're about to have a baby. We're having a baby. We had a baby,'" Meyers recalled during his show Monday night.

In fact, Axel was so fast in making his entry that he made it before New York police and fire officials got to the apartment building. Meyers said firefighters helped cut the umbilical chord and continued to put towels in their dryers to keep the newborn warm.

As Meyers talked about his wife, he wiped away a few tears. "I'm getting choked up thinking about how brave I was," he joked.

Meyers explained that his son's middle name honors Ashe's grandparents who met in a hospital in Austria the day after they were liberated from a concentration camp.

He also showed off a photo of the birth, which showed his wife lying on the ground holding their son to her chest as emergency personnel held an oxygen mask to her mouth. Meyers knelt beside her flashing a grin at the camera.

Meyers and Ashe, who tied the knot on Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts in September 2013, are already parents to son Ashe Olsen, 2.

Mayers announced on his show in November that he and Ashe were expecting their second child.

"A couple years ago on this show, we announced that we were having Ashe and so I wanna take this opportunity now … my wife and I are expecting a second baby," Meyers said.

Meyers and Ashe welcomed Ashe Olson in March 2016.

After Ashe was born, Meyers spoke about how different life is for him and Ashe.

"Your life completely changes, but it changes so much less than the mother's life changes. Mine's pretty similar except there's a baby at home in the morning and at night, but I still go to work," Meyers said of fatherhood during the Today show in May 2016. "I haven't been great as far as being an assistant to my wife, in that the baby will wake up a couple times in the middle of the night and then I've been adding a third wake-up because I have night terrors about where the baby is. So I've been waking up, grabbing my wife's face, saying, 'I don't know where the baby is.' Then I just go back to sleep."