Selma Blair Reveals Racy Photo in Wake of Chemotherapy Treatment

Selma Blair wrapped up chemotherapy for multiple sclerosis in late July, and now she's celebrating with a confident and revealing selfie. The Cruel Intentions actress, 47, stripped down to just a sweater for the photo, which was posted on Saturday night. Blair, who is now bald due to the chemo treatments, sports a preppy pink and green sweater while looking in a mirror. She has a quirky crab-shaped purse she hold in front of her private parts in the reflection, but leaves her rear end uncovered for the camera.

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She wrote in the caption, "Portrait of a lady. [Thom Browne] in [Calfornia]. Shot by [creative rehab nyc] [subversive] universe [Barbie]."

The picture received a load of comments, with some praising Blair's look and others saying the nudity went too far.

Among the positives, actress Christina Milian wrote that she "adored" the Hellboy actress, and another fan wrote "Love this! Live your life girl...let them all clutch their pearls! If they only knew that milkshake brings all the boys to the yard!"

Blair responded to post those comments positively, but decided to clap back a bit on the negative ones, explaining why she wanted to post the racy image.

"I don't get it but that's just me," one detractor wrote. "It's a tough disease but never lose your dignity, Selma. I get the shock factor though."

Blair replied, "I think it's a vulnerable, humorous, odd and interesting fashion shot. I like it."

A second fan wrote, "I have MS and I'm strong everyday I don't let it bring me down but this is to [sic] much."

The actress responded, "I always liked fashion and photography. Sorry it's not your thing."

The star, who also appeared in Legally Blonde and the FX show Anger Management, even responded to a dicey comment asking if "the curtains match the drapes."

"Yes. Bald bald," Blair commented.

Blair's photo has received more than 200,000 likes as of press time.


Photo Credit: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Ray Booth