Selma Blair's Latest Photo Amid MS Battle Has Fans Raving in the Comments Section

Selma Blair, who battles multiple sclerosis, took to Instagram Friday to celebrate Barbara Alink, the inventor of a walking bike without pedals that allows the actress more mobility. Blair's fans also praised the invention, and had plenty of questions about it.

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The 46-year-old star shared a photo taken with Alink and the yellow non-motorized bike. Blair said she was visiting family and did not take her bike, instead relying on her cane. That became "untenable and painful to my joints," so Alink found Blair and provided her with a new bike to help her.

"She gave me this bike. And I took off," Blair wrote. "So many people have already stopped me to ask about it. Good thing I am a chatterbox and so happy with this [mobility aid], I feel like a model at a car show. Gonna nap. And look forward to the days ahead with faster, smoother, increased mobility in a walking city. Thank you thank you [The Alinker]."

Blair included the hashtags "reactivate your brain," "activate your brain," "kindness" and "brilliance."

Blair's post inspired others to share their stories and asked about how they could get their own Alinker bikes.

"I've had 14 back surgeries that have limited my mobility as well and I can't say what a blessing it would be if someone could give me more info on how I could get my hands on that same bike. Please?? It would be so much better than my walker and/or my wheelchair. Thank you," one fan wrote.

"Those are divine people sent by God," another wrote.

"I love you Selma, i think for many people this bike is really unaffordable, why not organise a give-away for some lucky ones?" another wrote.

"Maybe she could develop one that would be easy to travel with! Have a blessed day!" another fan added.

As some of Blair's fans noted, the Alinker Walking Bike is not cheap. According to the website, customers need to rent it for four months, at $200 a month. That acts as the down payment, and if you wish to own it, you have to pay the remainder of the $1,177 cost. To help those who cannot afford the bike, Alinker has a page for campaigns to raise funds for patients.

Blair helped out with one of the campaigns herself, deciding to give Brandon Stringfellow La Voie a bike to help him regain his mobility.

"I am so excited for him to be able to get out and moving. This device that Barbara has invented has changed how I view leaving the house," she wrote on Instagram Wednesday. "Going on walks. Being active. We cannot wait for the freedom you can feel and energy that can be saved by mobility with wheels while sitting. I have been without my Alinker for a few days and I am exhausted and hurting from trying to do so much w a cane."

Blair announced she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis last year and keep fans up to date on her health on Instagram. She is also slated to star in Netflix's upcoming science fiction series Another Life.


Photo credit: Rich Fury/Getty Images for Race To Erase MS