Selena Gomez Shows off 'Rare' New Neck Tattoo

Selena Gomez released her new album, Rare, on Jan. 10, and the singer permanently celebrated with a new tattoo, debuting the word "Rare" written on her neck on Instagram early Thursday morning.

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Gomez posted a video of herself standing in front of a mirror as the camera zoomed in on her neck, revealing the script just below her right ear before she tells her tattoo artist, "You did it again," and gives him a hug. The next slide was a photo of the Texas native's new ink, which she debuted in a tie-dye sweatshirt.

"Did it again @bangbangnyc," Gomez wrote, crediting the tattoo parlor.

The tiny tattoo is just the latest addition to Gomez's body art collection. The 27-year-old also has praying hands on her thigh, a matching arrow with friend Julia Michaels, an ampersand she got with the cast of 13 Reasons Why, a "4" on her arm, a "1" on her ribcage, a "g" on her neck, Roman numerals on her neck, the word "sunshine" on her foot, a music note on her wrist, the phrase "God who strengthens me" and the phrase "love yourself first" in Arabic.

Speaking to Spotify, Gomez explained that she instantly knew she wanted to name her album Rare.

"I just felt like that was me if that makes sense," she said. "Obviously, I've had a lot of self esteem issues in the past. I still struggle with confidence and you know, it's going to be something that I'm always working on. Rare made me feel incredible. That name was so important to me the moment I heard it."

"That to me is such a special word and if there's anything I can do for women and men, it's to tell them that they're valued and that they're rare and that they're important," she continued. "That's what it means to me."

Gomez added to Billboard that working on the album helped her work through her personal life and is now "in the happiest place" she's ever been.


"I wanted a record that made people feel something," she said. "Whether that was a hard relationship to get through, or gaining your confidence back, or being okay with just having fun. So there's different layers to it, and I'm so grateful that it ended up becoming what it is now, after four and a half years."

Photo Credit: Getty / Tibrina Hobson