Selena Gomez Proves She's Always Had Sass in Throwback Video

Even as a little girl, Selena Gomez was full of sass, as evidenced by home video that the "Wolves" singer's mother shared.

On Tuesday, Gomez's mother, Amanda Teefy, threw it back to the '90s when she shared adorable home footage from 1997 showing 5-year-old Selena Gomez taking a very important phone call.

"Selena Gomez talking to me on the phone when I was at work asking about her day at school. My sassy, independent, boss lady, adorable gigantic piece of my heart, first born love," Teefy captioned the video. "Gracie is exactly like this. Diabolical. XO. My girls are born leaders. Why do they grow up? Her sweet little eyes and massive eyelashes."

In the video, Gomez, with her hair in pigtails, can be heard discussing her rough day at school.

"My teacher said I gotta do all this stuff again. I gotta do it by myself," Gomez says. "I'm going crazy, you gotta help me over here! You better girl."

While Gomez's relationship with her mother appears to be strong, just months ago they seemed to hit a bit of a rough patch after Teefy was accused of being a questionable source of news on her daughter's feelings and activities. Teefy later addressed the accusations in a long-winded Facebook post.

"I have done one official interview in Selena's entire career about Selena for E! with her consent. I have done nothing but protect my child her entire career against vile people that have way more power than me, even after I was no longer managing because I am her mom," the post, which was later deleted, read in part.

In the brief essay, Teefy also denied doing an interview with Gossip Cop in which she reportedly voiced her dislike of Justin Bieber after it was rumored that Gomez and the singer were getting back together.


"I do confirm or deny certain stories. I was drug through the mud the entire month of December in the media and did not say a word… I shared more than not true in my debunk because I am tired of being accused of things that were not true and the lies coming from the people around Selena being put in the press and in her head," she wrote.

Regardless of Teefy's feelings regarding her daughter's previous relationship with Bieber, Bieber is currently off the dating market as he recently proposed to 21-year-old Hailey Baldwin, news that Gomez has yet to publicly comment on.