Sean Connery's Brother Neil Dead at 83

Sean Connery's brother, Neil Connery, has reportedly died at the age of 83. The news was reported by multiple sources, including Neil's friend Steve Begg and the Swedish site, in mid-May. The news comes several months after Sean died at the age of 90.

Begg was the one who originally broke the news of Neil's passing on Facebook. On Monday, Begg wrote that Neil, who has starred in projects such as The Body Stealers and Wild Boy, died earlier that day. Begg wrote that his "Edinburgh drinking buddy" passed away. He went on to infuse a bit of humor and a ton of love in his message, as he wrote, "He considered me a lackluster challenge when it came to the drinking stakes but I considerd him with respect. He looked and sounded like his big bro so going out with him was always interesting to say the leasht. Mish you Neil."

According to, Neil was born on December 16, 1938, in Edinburgh, Scotland, and was raised alongside his older brother, Sean. Like his brother, Neil eventually ventured into the acting world. During an interview with Photoplay magazine, he even shared some of the advice that the James Bond actor gave him as he began his acting career. Neil shared, "I remember the advice Sean gave me, 'Take it easy, make sure everything is in black-and-white before you sign it; and ensure it's to your advantage.'"

As previously mentioned, Neil's death comes less than a year after Sean died. In October 2020, Variety reported that the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen actor died in the Bahamas surrounded by his family. The outlet reported that it was believed that Sean was unwell for some time prior to his death. Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, the producers of the James Bond franchise, released a statement at the time of his passing in which they noted that Sean is leaving a lasting legacy behind.


They began by saying that he "was and shall always be remembered as the original James Bond whose indelible entrance into cinema history began when he announced those unforgettable words, 'The name's Bond… James Bond.'" Wilson and Broccoli added, "He revolutionized the world with his gritty and witty portrayal of the sexy and charismatic secret agent. He is undoubtedly largely responsible for the success of the film series and we shall be forever grateful to him."