Sarah Shahi Weighs in on That Viral 'Sex/Life' Moment With Adam Demos on Netflix

Everyone is talking about the nudity in Netflix's Sex/Life, and the steamy show's leading lady Sarah Shahi has been asked to weigh in. One particular scene from the series was a fixture on TikTok lately, with the "Sex/Life Challenge" taking over users' For You Pages. In the challenge, people blind react to episode 3 at the 19 minutes and 50 seconds mark, where Billie's (Shahi) husband Cooper (Mike Vogel) is spying on her former lover Brad (Adam Demos) at the gym and follows him into the locker room shower, where he gets an eyeful of full-frontal nudity.

Many have been curious as to whether or not Demos was wearing a prosthetic during the scene, and in an Instagram interview with The Skimm, Shahi, who is dating Demos in real life after meeting on set, was asked if the actor went au naturel during the scene. "It's just not my place to tell. A woman never kisses and tells, and neither does a gentleman, so…," Shahi says with a giggle.

Shahi was also asked about what it was like filming such graphic sex scenes with someone that she's actually dating. "As an actor, we spend a lot of time sort of faking that kind of intimacy with somebody. But what was interesting from my point of view is to fall for the person that you're supposed to be falling for on camera, it kind of adds an extra bit," Shahi explained. "You're kind of like, 'Oh, I don't know if this is anything I could have acted.'"


While fans wait for the finale cliffhanger to be resolved in an as-yet-unannounced season 2, they love to hear more about Shahi and Demos' real-life sparks. The success of the show has definitely put a spotlight on their off-screen relationship. They met on the set, and there was an instant connection. "I said, 'Well, that's a tall drink of water.' When I first met Adam, I was really blown away with him," Shahi told PEOPLE. "We met in the makeup trailer and we just got on instantly." They both have the same taste in music, whiskey, and tequilas. The L Word star was also impressed by Demos, "just as a person and all I knew was that I wanted more." She called acting alongside him a "privilege" and praised him as "amazing" in the series.