Samantha Markle Fires Back at Chrissy Teigen, Calling Her 'Pudgy Airhead'

Samantha Markle has fired back at Chrissy Teigen, calling her a "pudgy airhead," after the model criticized a recent interview with Markle's father.

According to Page Six, Teigen tweeted out, "This guy… this guy sucks. What is wrong with him? Let your daughter be happy, please. This is embarrassing," after Thomas Markle — the father of Markle and Meghan Markle — gave an interview wherein he spoke critically about Meghan.

Upon hearing Teigen's comments, Markle in turn took to her private Twitter account to slam the new mom.

"So this pudgy airhead [Chrissy Teigen] who knows nobody in the family is opening her pie hole? 'This guy' is our father and deserves a lot of respect," Markle tweeted. "You are the one who sucks."

As reported by The Daily Mail, Thomas spoke candidly about his relationship with the newly crowned member of the British Royal Family, expressing concern that there may have been irreparable damage done.

"I'm really hurt that she's cut me off completely," Thomas said. "I used to have a phone number and text number for her personal aides at the Palace, but after I said a few critical words about the Royal Family changing Meghan, they cut me off."

"Those numbers were disconnected, they no longer work. I have no way of contacting my daughter," he added. "It's her birthday on August 4 and I want to send her a card. But if I send a birthday card to Kensington Palace, or wherever she's living now, it'll just be one among thousands. She'll probably never see it."

"I thought about sending it by Priority Mail Express, but the Palace would probably just soak it in water for three days to make sure it doesn't explode," Thomas continued.

He later went on to suggest that while he's "lucky" to be "still alive," he often feels as if Meghan would be better off without him and that his ongoing hereditary heart problems could make that thought a reality.

"The men in my family rarely live over 80 so I'd be surprised if I had another ten years. I could die tomorrow," Thomas claimed. "It wouldn't be so bad. I have something of a Buddhist philosophy about death. Perhaps it would be easier for Meghan if I died."


"Everybody would be filled with sympathy for her," he also said. "But I hope we reconcile. I'd hate to die without speaking to Meghan again."

At this time, neither Meghan nor Kensington Palace appear to have publicly commented on Thomas' interview.