SAG Awards 2020: Tom Hanks' Expression During Eugene Levy's Opening Speech Drives Social Media Wild

After becoming a viral meme just weeks ago, Tom Hanks has done it again! During the traditional "I am an actor" opening at the 26th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, the actor’' expression during Eugene Levy's segment, which was interrupted by his son Dan Levy, again rose to viral fame and got social media talking.

"My story is complex," Levy said during his lengthy segment, which followed the likes of Christina Applegate and Cynthia Erivo and during which he spoke about growing up as a fan of Mr. Whipple and Sid Caesar before being interrupted by his son.

"You've taken three times as long as everybody else and you're still not finished…You've used up so much time they're telling us they had to cut Tom Hanks," Dan said before the camera panned to Hanks, who sat in his seat with a disgruntled look.

The moment quickly went viral, with viewers flocking to social media to comment on the latest meme.

"there goes another tom hanks at an award show meme," wrote one viewer.

"Give Tom Hanks an award for that reaction shot alone," tweeted a second.

"Tom Hanks at it again with the best reaction faces," reacted another.

"Tom Hanks dedication to being a gif at every awards show is admirable," tweeted someone else.

"Tom Hanks giving more iconic looks this awards season," wrote another.


"Tom Hanks always has the greatest reaction shots while in the audience at awards shows!" added one.

Hanks' many faces are proving to be the most meme-worthy content of this year's awards season. Just a few weeks ago, the actor again went viral on social media thanks to his hilarious expressions at the 2020 Golden Globe Awards during host Ricky Gervais' opening monologue. As Gervais poked fun at Jeffrey Epstein and Felicity Huffman, among many other controversial celebrities and topics, viewers deemed Hanks "the first viral meme of 2020" thanks to his shocked expressions as the camera briefly panned to him.