Russell Crowe Celebrates Physical Transformation With Bizarre 'Jazz Hands' Video

Russell Crowe debuted his newly groomed look with some fancy camera work and flashy jazz hands on [...]

Russell Crowe debuted his newly groomed look with some fancy camera work and flashy jazz hands on Tuesday morning.

Crowe posted a video on Twitter where he stepped into the frame with a massive beard and long, wild hair. In a flash of light, he turned into a clean cut — or, at least, cleaner cut — version of himself, with close-cropped facial hair and a simple, short haircut. He waved his hands across his face at the moment of change, making it look like a magic trick.

"The Actor resets #1," Crowe wrote. "The correct use of Jazz hands."

Crowe has been curating the shaggy mane for months now. He posted a series of videos documenting his beard growth on Twitter, titled "The actor prepares" numbered 1-5. In the last two, he was singing the same folk song from his latest video, perhaps hinting at a connection to his new movie.

Crowe plays Harry Power in the upcoming film The True History of the Kelly Gang. Based on a novel by Peter Carey, it tells the story of an Australian bush-ranger named Ned Kelly who fled from authorities along with his gang in the 1870s. Carey's novel is considered historical fiction, though it is based on real people and events, with details and conversations filled in for narrative purposes. Released in 2000, it has been lauded as a definitive work for Australian fiction.

In addition to Crowe, the movie stars Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam as Ned Kelly himself. In the story, Crowe's character, Power, has a relationship with Ned's mother after his father passes away. Already an infamous bushranger, Power takes Ned under his wing, and eventually the two are a part of one of the most infamous gangs in the country.

The movie's status is still listed as "filming" on IMDb, though based on Crowe's shave and haircut video, he is most likely done with his parts. The film has gotten a lot of hype on social media, particularly in Australia, where Hunnam seems to have indulged every fan who asked him for a picture.

"Still in shock after randomly meeting @CharlieHunnam last night!" a fan wrote earlier this month. "So sweet, down to earth & sooo gorgeous!! Thank you for the chat & photos Charlie."

There is still no firm release date for The True History of the Kelly Gang. The screenplay was written by Shaun Grant, and the movie was directed by Justin Kurzel.