Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Royal Honeymoon Possibly Revealed

It looks like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may be headed to the rolling hills of Italy for their royal honeymoon following the royal wedding, which is mere weeks away.

Detailed research from Sovereign, a luxury travel provider, points to Tuscany as the most likely honeymoon destination for the Duke and future Duchess of Sussex.

Sovereign points out that one of the biggest factors contributing to the Tuscany prediction is the fact that Markle's former lifestyle blog, The Tig, was named after Tignanello, a world-renowned ruby red Tuscan wine.

Research from the luxury travel company also points out that not only is Tuscany one of the best places on earth to enjoy fine wine, but it also lends itself easily to privacy, thanks to its remote landscape.

Sovereign estimates that if the royal honeymoon lasts for 10 days in Tuscany as predicted, it would set the royal family back over £870,000 (equal to $1.2 million). One of the most expensive factors is the reservation of every room at the hotel to ensure total privacy — something done for all royal visits.

While Sovereign used different data points that looked at travel costs, hotel pricing, added security pricing, historical significance and privacy levels, Tuscany came through as the favorite destination for Harry and Markle. But other candidates are also on the table, like Botswana, The Philippines, Teriaroa Island (French Polynesia), Nevis (the Caribbean), Cyprus, Scotland and the Seychelles.

Markle is set to walk down the aisle at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle on May 19. She and Prince Harry announced their engagement in November, and in March revealed that the wedding will be open to some members of the public.

"Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle have said they want their Wedding Day to be shaped so as to allow members of the public to feel part of the celebrations too," a statement read. "This wedding, like all weddings, will be a moment of fun and joy that will reflect the characters and values of the Bride and Groom."

Kensington Palace shared that Harry and Markle have invited 2,640 people into the grounds of Windsor Castle to watch the couple's arrival, as well as their departure as they depart the castle on a carriage procession through the town of Windsor.

The lucky members of the public will be made up of 1,200 residents from "every corner of the United Kingdom" who will be nominated to attend by nine regional Lord Lieutenant offices. Harry and Markle have requested that those chosen represent a variety of ages and backgrounds and include young people who have displayed strong leadership and served their communities.


Also invited will be 200 people from various charities associated with the couple, 100 students from two local schools, 610 Windsor Castle community members and 530 Members of The Royal Households and Crown Estate.

Harry is sixth in line for the throne behind father Prince Charles, brother Prince William, nephew Prince George, niece Princess Charlotte and the newest member of the royal family, the soon-to-be named baby number three.