Roseanne Barr Says 'We're Lucky' to Have Donald Trump as President

Roseanne Barr appeared on ABC's 20/20 to promote the revival of her sitcom, which is premiering next month. While on the air, she addressed her support of President Donald Trump.

Barr has been open about her pro-Trump views since early on. She went on a day-long Twitter tirade at the end of last year, which prompted her to delete nearly everything she'd ever posted. On 20/20, she explained why she though Roseanne fans likely voted for President Trump.

"He did talk about jobs, so that's what you need to do if you want working people to vote for you," she said. "Not Syrian airspace. I don't think Hillary talked about jobs much, she was always just talking about Syrian airspace. I'm like, 'do you think people in America--?' Or maybe they do, I didn't, though."

"Trump offended half of America, and she offended the other half," she went on. "So that's great for sitcoms, great for comedy. We're lucky to have him as a president, it's great for comedy."

The remark appalled some viewers, who have now vowed not to watch the reboot.

"Would have watched the show for the wonderful John Goodman, but just can't, given Barr's spport [sic] for #TrumpTreason," wrote one user.

"Sorry @WhitneyCummings but it's going to be nice to see this revival flop & cancelled quickly... not because of your writing but b/c any support or compliance of the Trump brand is encouraging racism, misogyny, and xenophobia."

Many comedians, talk show hosts and pundits have played off the idea that a politically turbulent time is good for business. Last September, Lewis Black said "that's like saying a stroke is good for a nap" in an interview on CBC radio.

Barr had more to say on the political climate throughout the 20/20 special. She explained how the contentious election in 2016 energized her creatively, and reminded her of the core premise of Roseanne.

"Our last election, the jokes were just writing themselves," she confessed. "I would wake up with jokes in my head, dream jokes. We wanted to show an accurate depiction of America, and it's very divided."


Barr went on to say that she's excited to bring the show back to fans who have been missing it.

"There's a lot of surprises in it for people. I think we answer all of the questions people have asked me for 20 years," she said.