Rose McGowan Drops Hammer Statement on Harvey Weinstein Surrender

Rose McGowan spoke out about Harvey Weinstein surrendering himself to police on sex crime charges, dropping a hammer statement to Megyn Kelly.

"The man who pinned me down had handcuffs on him today," McGown said in a new clip from Kelly's Today hour.

As has been reported, Weinstein turned himself in to police on charges related to sex crimes. He will be charged with both first- and third-degree rape in one case and a first-degree sex act in a second, separate case.

McGowan has been an outspoken leader of the Me Too Movement, having claimed that she was also assaulted by Weinstein on multiple occasions when she was younger.

Back in March, McGowan took her fight to social media, recording and posting a message for Weinstein on his birthday.

In the clip shared on her Twitter account, McGowan filmed a selfie video in which she said, "Happy Birthday, Harvey Weinstein. I told you we'd be coming. I told you 20 years ago if I heard of you doing this to another girl or woman we would come for you... I would come for you."

"Happy f—ing Birthday. From all of us," McGowan added. She the winked and nodded her head, and finally whispered, "We win."

In addition to her new statement on the disgraced film producer, McGowan also recently commented on the allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior that have come out about actor Morgan Freeman.

"Hi everyone, I know your idols are falling, I know it hurts to be disappointed, but imagine if that person you thought you knew from his image sexually harassed you," McGowan tweeted out on Thursday.

"Stay the course, we will be better for this societally. The conversation must be had," she added, including a hashtag of Freeman's name.


Multiple women who have worked with Freeman on some of his films have come forward to claim that he committed various sexually inappropriate acts against them, such as repeatedly trying to lift the skirt of one production assistant.

Freeman has released a statement in response to the allegations, saying, "Anyone who knows me or has worked with me knows I am not someone who would intentionally offend or knowingly make anyone feel uneasy. I apologize to anyone who felt uncomfortable or disrespected — that was never my intent."