Robert Garrison Dead at 59: 'Cobra Kai' Showrunner Jon Hurwitz Gives Multi-Tweet Tribute

The Karate Kid actor Robert Garrison died early Friday morning in a West Virginia hospital at age 59. Cobra Kai showrunner, Jon Hurwitz paid tribute to Garrison, who appeared in the YouTube Premium Karate Kid follow-up series, in a set of tweets and an Instagram post after news of Garrison's death broke. Hurwitz said the entire cast and crew is "devastated" by Garrison's death and sent his condolences to his family.

Hurwitz included several photos from Cobra Kai production, mostly from a scene by a campfire with co-star William Zabka.

"I'll never forget how moved the entire cast and crew was by Rob's brilliant and heartfelt performance by the campfire," Hurwitz wrote. "I'll also never forget the laughs we shared later that night over beers as the gang told stories, including some gems Rob had from the set of Iron Eagle."

Hurwitz continued, "I'm heartened to know how much Rob enjoyed and cherished his time working on Cobra Kai. We were looking forward to seeing his smiling face again this season, as we had plans for Tommy to ride again. But he'll remain in our thoughts every day as we strive to make him proud."

Hurwitz shared the same statement on Instagram, as well as the photos in a gallery post.

Several Karate Kid fans responded to Hurwitz's comments with condolences to Garrison's family.

"I send my deepest condolences to his family and friends. RIP Rob," one person tweeted.

"Very sorry to hear this news," another wrote.

"My condolences to his family and friends..RIP," another added.

Garrison was best known for playing Tommy in The Karate Kid and The Karate Kid Part II. He reprised the role in the Cobra Kai Season 2 episode "Take a Right." Tommy was introduced as a member of the Cobra Kai team, famously yelling "Get him a body bag!" in the original Karate Kid.

Outside of the Karate Kid franchise, Garrison's credits include The Pledge, Human Error, Iron Eagle and episodes of St. Elsewhere, MacGyver and Coach. His career began as a child actor in the late 1970s, appearing in the films Starship Invasions, Search and Destroy, Lost and Found and Prom Night.

Garrison's cause of death remains unknown, but his sister-in-law old TMZ he died Friday morning in a West Virginia hospital. He was hospitalized last month for kidney and liver issues, she said.
Garrison is survived by his brother Patrick and sister-in-law Linda.

In his final tweet, Garrison thanked his fans for the kind remarks on his Cobra Kai performance.


"Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments on my appearance in COBRA KAI. Makes me feel great," Garrison wrote. "Had a wonderful time doing it."

Photo Credit: YouTube