Rob Lowe Cooks Dinner for Firefighters Battling Wildfires

Rob Lowe has a lot of gratitude for the firefighters who have been fighting to put out the devastating Thomas Fire in Montecito, California.

Dinner for new friends at our house.

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The 53-year-old Parks and Recreation actor has shared photos of his home, which is at risk in the midst of the flames that have already engulfed over 270,000 acres. As a way of giving back to the men and women working to contain the wildfires, he invited the firefighters in his town to have dinner at his house.

"Thank you to all the crews from all over the country who stood tall and saved my town. #respect #gratitude," he captioned a photo of him posing with the firefighters.

"Dinner for new friends at our house," he wrote with another picture.

Before dinner, Lowe shared frightening photos of his house set against the backdrop of the fires. In another photo, Lowe is wearing flame-retardant gear and using a hose.

"Helping earlier today. You do what you can, but when it's time.. you GO," he wrote.

Helping earlier today. You do what you can, but when it’s time.. you GO.

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Lowe isn't the only one whose home is at risk. The fire, which is now 45 percent contained, has destroyed over 1,000 structures, including at least 750 homes, NPR reports.

Other high-profile at home are also at risk, like Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi's $23 million, four-bedroom Carpinteria home. DeGeneres tweeted on Dec. 10 that her house was under threat of being burned and had to evacuate her pets.


"Our house…it's there right now, but no one can get in to check on it," DeGeneres told Mario Lopez on the set of her talk show. "We basically just had to get out and leave the gates open for the fire trucks and we're right in it…we're right there."

"We'll just lay low and just, you know, be grateful for having our pets with us and Portia's horses are evacuated and we're hoping to get them someplace soon and it's, you know, it takes something like this to just remember, you know, just how fragile life is, and how you should never take anything for granted," DeGeneres concluded.