Rob Schneider Says He Was Sexually Harassed by Director

Rob Schneider is speaking out about the Harvey Weinstein sexual misconduct allegations, and the 53-year-old actor says that the Hollywood executive isn't the only one that that is guilty of behaving in such a manner.

While speaking with TMZ, the Hot Chick star explained that he too was sexually harassed by someone in the movie business. After stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie and others came forward with their experiences with Weinstein, Schneider said that harassment and abuse happen to both men and women in the entertainment industry.

Schneider recalled a situation in which a "gross director" made a semi-nude pass at him.

"There was a gross director and it happened to me. I was in a hotel room. It was weird, I didn't think it was going to be a weird situation," he said.

"But it was a famous director, just before I was really famous. The next thing I know, I'm in a room with this guy and he's in a chair. He comes out in a bathrobe and sits in this chair. The next thing I know, he's asking me to crawl on the ground and to crawl to him. Then it was just this disgusting feeling," Schneider continued.

Schneider didn't name the director but he did say that the filmmaker had passed away.

According to Schneider, actors hoping to make it in Hollywood are "vulnerable" to sexual assault or harassment.


"They are particularly vulnerable because they need an agent, and the agents are creeps too. They're trying to get a job and the casting directors, the's rampant in the industry. There's not one actress that doesn't have a story," he said.

Schneider's comments were similar to that of actor Terry Crews, who came out with a sexual assault allegation of his own. Learn more about what Crews had to say here.