Rita Ora 'Date Night' Tweet With Conor McGregor Creates a Stir

Rita Ora recently stirred up some trouble when she posted a "date night" photo with UFC star Conor McGregor.

The pair were taking in the The Fashion Awards 2017 in London, which is where the now infamous Tweet originated.

While some did not see the big deal in the two getting close and posing for the camera in public, others raised the point that McGregor currently has a girlfriend named Dee Devlin, who is also the mother of Connor Jr., his son.

"Date night with a married man? This a common thing for you, isn't it Hun," one user wrote. "He's not married," another quickly fired back.

Many didn't take the tweet quite so seriously, as one person said, "Rita ora and mcgregor date night saga is hilarious 1) he aint married 2) if he was cheating it wouldn't be put up all over social media[.] she was either messing or they were talking business."

McGregor seems to cause quite a scene wherever he goes. He did it again recently when he peeled out of a courthouse parking lot only moments after paying a fine for a previous ticket.

Donning a green Adidas track suit, McGregor was caught by news cameras heading to his $150,000 BMW i8, climbing in, and then yelling, 'Come and get me,'" before peeling out and speeding off.


The UFC fighter had just paid off a ticket he'd received for going 158 km (98 mph) per hour in a 100 km (about 60 mph) zone in Dublin.