'Ridiculousness' Star Chanel West Coast Berates Cops for Interrupting Her Birthday Party

A new viral video shows Ridiculousness co-host Chanel West Coast condescending the cops that came to break up her birthday party recently. The video, published by TMZ, shows Chanel standing on the curb in a bikini, arguing with three police officers across the street with face masks on. She argued that they could do something more productive with their time than break up her party.

Between 100 and 200 people reportedly showed up to celebrate the 32nd birthday of Chanel West Coast, a singer-songwriter and co-host of MTV's Ridiculousness. Sometime around 10 p.m., the Los Angeles Police Department got a call about the large gathering, which is prohibited under the current coronavirus safety measures in place in the city. One of Chanel's neighbors reportedly placed the call, either because of the excessive noise or the public health concerns the party caused. Chanel did not try to hide her displeasure with the cops.

"There's another party up Laurel Canyon off of Mulholland and it has 300 people! And only have, like, less than f—ing a hundred here. So if you guys really want to really break up some chaos that's going to cause corona you should go to the parties that are actually, like, excessive amounts of people," she said. "I just gave you lots of tips. I'm helping you. Thank you so much."

The rapper went on in a deadpan voice, advising the officers on another way they could spend their night — working on the cold case of her ex-boyfriend, who she said was murdered over a decade ago.

"Also, my ex-boyfriend was shot and killed when he was 19. That murder is still unsolved, so if you guys want to really do something with your lives, you know you can solve murder mysteries instead of breaking up parties?" she said. Her voice rose as she went on: "I know, it's so funny. It must feel great to break up parties instead of solving f—ing murder mysteries that have been unsolved for f—ing 12 years. Losers."


Public information on Chanel's late ex-boyfriend is not readily available, but she is a Los Angeles native, spending parts of her youth in New York City as well. Another video showed Chanel reporting back to the crowd inside the house, suggesting that they all speak quietly for a while until the cops left.

Eventually, the cops succeeded in shutting the party down, TMZ reports. Los Angeles continues to follow some coronavirus safety guidelines in order to slow the spread of the pandemic coronavirus cases and deaths are still on the rise in parts of the U.S.